3 Best Electric Shaver Under $100 In USA 2022

3 Best Electric Shaver Under $100 In USA 2022

When you have a sensitive skin, regular electric shavers just are not going to cut it. Using the wrong shaving product for your skin type can result in itchy and irritated skin at best, and abrasions and ingrown hair to worst.

Shaving is an essential part of grooming and just like any Endeavour using the right tool for the job is extremely important.

Choosing the right & best electric Shaver under $100 in usa for sensitive skin in usa is all about knowing your skin, your facial hair and you had your specific needs are, what may be the best electric Shaver under $100 for sensitive skin for someone else may not be the best one for you specifically.

Thankfully, we have done the research on the best electric Shaver under $100 for sensitive skin in usa, so you don’t have to..! stay clean shaven and confident with the best electric Shaver for sensitive skin.

3 Best Electric Shaver Under $100 In USA 2022

Foil or Rotary Shaver! Which One is the beat Choise for Sensitive Skin?

There are two types of electric shavers the foil and the Rotary shavers. Knowing the difference between the two will have you pick out the best one for your needs.

Foil shavers are name that way because of the foil or thin metal sheet with holes punched into it. which lets the hair through. Behind the foil are oscillating blades, and it has also known as cutters, that cut the hair that goes through the foil.

Generally foil shavers are gentle on the skin and offer A Close Shave. However while she was are fairly noisy and can’t easily handle thick growth of hair.

Rotary shavers have independent round shaving heads that handle long thick hair easily. The round shaving heads are better at pivoting around your jawline and chin and operation of a Rotary Shaver is significantly quieter. However Rotary shavers are much rougher on the face and need careful operation if you have sensitive skin.

3 Best Electric Shaver Under $100 In USA 2022

1) Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver Under $100 Dollars

Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver Under $100 Dollars

Series 9 is Brouns most premium offering with a justifiably hefty price tag. if you are looking to invest in a premium electric Shaver that will last you year and give your close, clean shave every time then the series 9 is for you.

Brauns makes the claim that the series 9 is the world most effective Shiva and they have the research and testing to back it up.

Boasting five shaving elements the series 9 is an absolute showstopper giving you an extremely efficient and comfortable shaving experience.

Not only do the shaving elements work together to get rid of more hair in a single stroke than any other electric Shaver the series 9 does not sacrifice your sensitive skin to do so.

The titanium coated trimmers allow you to trim even the trickiest of hair and give the series 9 a truly premium feel.

Receiving elements in this Shaver move in 10 different direction to perfectly adapted to your face and skin alowing you to really get into those hard-to-reach places.

Couple that with intelligent sonic and Autosense technology that automatically adjust the saving motor and the series 9 becomes a definite power house that does not sacrifice finesse for more power.

The series 9 is also completely waterproof up to 5 metres so you can shave dry, wet or with or with foam or gel. You can even shave underwater if you choose.

With a 50 minute battery life and an advanced cleaning and charging station the Shaver is easily cared for and would not run out of battery when you need it the most.

The series 9 electric Shaver also has a LED indicator screen for the battery so you will know exactly when to pop it into the Charging Dock.

2) Philips Norelco 7500 Electric Shaver Under $100 In USA

Best Electric Shaver under 100 dollars
Best Electric Shaver under 100 dollars

Normally Rotary shavers rougher on the skin that foil shavers, but Philips Norelco shaver makes expectations to that rule. The Philips Norleco Shaver 7500 Electric Shaver claims the most comfortable shave from the brand using comfort rings with a special anti-friction coating that allows the electric shaver to gently glide over your skin causing very less irritation.

The dynamic flex technology that Philips norelco integrated into the Shaver hairs allows them to move in five directions effortlessly following the cause of your face and jaw following for some of the easiest essays to difficult to reach parts of your face.

Gentle Precision blades also cut short and Flat lying hair efficiently making it one of the closest saves from a Rotary Shaver you can get.

One thing I absolutely love about the shaver is the LED display that shows you information like battery level and when it’s time to clean your favour as well as when it’s time to replace the shower heads.

The Shaver comes with its own Charging Dock and cleaning station so you will never have to worry about running low on battery life or having a dirty and unlubricated shaver unit.

The aquatec Technology also means that the shaver is completely waterproof meaning that you can do your entire morning routine in the shower with this electric shaver.

This unit is also pretty good for travel with a 50 minute to an hour of cordless shaving time as well as a Deluxe travel case that is designed to take up less space as well as drying your saver on the go with its built-in ventilation chamber.

3) Panasonic Es-LV65 -S Arc5 Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin Under $100


One of my personal favourite on this list is the Panasonic electric Shaver for sensitive screen. Panasonic is a consumer favourite brand that rarely disappoints, and Arc5 is no exception. Name after the five ultrasharp nanotech blades this electric Shaver is an absolute beast of a device.

The Panasonic Arc5 Shave is extremely close, yet very gentle and comfortable thanks to the ultrasharp Precision blades hiding just under the foils. They cut hair right at the base, due to the angle of the blades. the foiles are also super thin and have different patterns to capture and cut different kinds of hair efficiently.

The linear motor also provides up to 14,000 cutting actions for minutes per blade, which totals upto 70000 cross cutting actions.

A cool features is the active sensor technology, which sences different hair density is an adjust the motor speed accordingly. The shaver automatically ramps up the power levels when it gets too thick patches and levels of when dealing with less dense area.

The multiplex potting Shaver head flexes from side to side and back and forth, following the curves and lines of your face and neck and jaw easily, giving you access to difficult to reach places.

The pop-up trimmer is also a great touch for quick and easy detailing of sideburns and mustaches giving you a clean look.

The battery lasts 40 minutes of saving time and is easily charged with the included cleaning and Charging Dock. However there is no way to set the Charging Dock to just clean, dry or just charge a feature that can damage the battery life in the long run.

The Panasonic Arc5 is also fully waterproof and work best with a wet shave but still performs well when dry.

Things To Consider While Buying An Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

Sharp Blades

Sharp blade is one of the critical trademarks of a shaver appropriate for your sensitive skin. Quality blade will quickly wear of which will cause pulling and tugging of your hair, and it will not shave as close as it normally would.

This will ultimately lead to more pressure being applied on your skin and will make you go over the same area several times that will cause razor burn and irritation.


When you choose an electric Shaver you want one thing just feels right. Shaver that feels good and well balanced in your hand leads to an overall more pleasant grooming ritual every morning.

Some people prefer a more substantial heavy fill to their shavers, while other hand more dexterity with lighter models.

If you can hold the unit before going it, I highly recommend doing so. Knowing exactly how an electric Shaver fits in your hand and how you are going to be shaving with it is imperative to actually using it.

Some shavers take a little bit to get used to and sacrificing a few days to get the hand of it is completely fine.

Power Supply :- Batteries And Plug-In Charger

Electric shavers operate on three kinds of power supply that is battery powered login charge and corded.
The best kind is a plug-in charged shaver, as you don’t have to deal with a pesky cord or have to buy a separate batteries every now and then.
Battery powered shaver are ideal for travelling but you sacrifice the convenience of recharging them easily. Thankfully most login showers are still good for travelling.

There are a lot of battery powered shavers was out there that are decent and cheap while keeping a quality shave. However most battery-powered shavers are design for travel and after don’t have the extra features and accessories that most plugin shavers possess.

Types Of Shavers

Most of the time your saving habits will determine what kind of shaver will best suit for you. If you shave everyday or every other day then foil shavers was are most likely the best option for you.

However if you let you facial hair go wild for a few days before doing anything about it or Rotary shavers are much more suited for your style.

You can also consider trimmers if you just want to trim your facial hair instead.

Ultimately the way that you are comfortable shaving should dictate. what shaver you buy, not the other way around. In other words, buy one that’s right for you Don’t adjust to one that you just bought or you would not be able to use your shaver to its full potential.

Wet and Dry Shavers

For sensitive skin the best option is to always go for a way to shave with water and foam or shaving cream. While some shavers are still gentle with a dry shave the rule of thumb is that much arise skin is less easily irritated. Look for shavers that have the wet or dry Tag, as those are great for sensitive skin. You can also look for a fully waterproof Shaver that you can take in the shower.

Last Words :- 

Only non electric shavers are a great alternative to safety razors for men with sensitive skin. Though it may take some time getting used to an electric Shaver it’s well worth the money and effort when you come out of the bathroom every morning clean shaven and confident.

The best electric Shaver under $100 are designed to be used on sensitive skin and top brands are well aware of their audience. Each shaver that we reviewed here year has its own unique features and hopefully we have in lighted you as to which electric Shaver is just right for your skin.